Scott Donaldson, Project Manager, Aberdeen

Scott Donaldson started working with Xtreme in 2004 as a Data Communications Engineer, following a 3-year apprenticeship and working with a local IT company in Aberdeen. Scott had already worked with Managing Director Graeme Duncan and current Director, Martin McCarthy at NTL, where he completed his 3-year Craft apprenticeship. Scott tells "the story so far" with Xtreme:

From the top
When I started out at Xtreme, we only had a squad of eight working across Scotland. In Aberdeen, we had an installation team of two and two employees in the office. As an engineer and an apprentice, I completed Cat5e/Cat6, fibre and telecom installations for small- to medium-sized projects.

Business growth, team growth
As the company grew, Xtreme picked up bigger contracts with the likes of Chevron, Conoco Philips and PSN, and with the increasing volume of work, Xtreme employed more staff. As a result of this, I was promoted to Lead Engineer in 2007. I therefore took on more responsibilities from training apprentices, running large projects for high-end customers, and focused more on the blown fibre/fibre optic installations.

I continued this role for a couple of years before I took a year out, returning in 2010. As a company, Xtreme were breaking into the offshore markets and Graeme needed a supervisor to head up their offshore installation team. I was looking to be a part of this team, and when I was offered the role, I took it on with great pleasure. The work was mainly fibre optic installations and testing, but due to the high demand for fibre optics offshore and abroad, my work took me to places from the North Sea to Africa and vessels and rigs across Europe.

A new role
I held my position as supervisor for 3 years. Xtreme won a contract in South Korea for Harris Caprock; a project headed up by Martin who was then the project manager in Aberdeen. With Martin in Korea much of the time, or working in the States on the same project, there was an opening for a Project Manager in Aberdeen. Graeme offered me promotion to the position, which I was delighted to accept. I currently manage all work in Aberdeen, as well as offshore projects, jobs abroad and everything North of Aberdeen. It is a big change from working on the tools but I am very much enjoying what I do.