Terminating and Commissioning, South Korea

We were involved in the terminating and commissioning of both fibre and radio frequency (RF) cable on the extended tension-leg platform (ETLP) prior to its transportation to the Gulf of Mexico.

Four fibre and data engineers from Xtreme spent several weeks working on the network infrastructure, which was located in the platform legs.

Xtreme has since been tasked with project managing the cabling installation and testing on the topside of the platform, which is now in the USA. It's an exciting project, and we have received some great feedback on the work our engineers have done out there so far. Photos are on our Facebook page.

Big Foot is a big project for Harris Caprock & Xtreme. Martin and John have been crucial to this project and their skills have been key to us getting to where we are. They are two wonderful people that I have a huge amount of respect for and truly enjoy working with. They have also earned the respect of everyone on this project. I therefore consider Xtreme a very valuable business partner. Harris Caprock partner

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