The University of St Andrews: Medical Science and The Town's Community

We have been working closely with The University of St Andrews for several years now. We have an ongoing business relationship with the University and maintain a good rapport with the team there.

The University of St Andrews' Medical Science Building

We were involved in the installation of the new Siemon Z-MAX category 6A cabling infrastructure in the brand new Medical School at The University of St Andrews. The school leads collaborative research in cancer, health psychology and infectious disease, and fosters new interdisciplinary teamwork with scientists of other disciplines at The University.

Z-MAX was implemented at the prestigious new £45 million School of Medicine and Science in the heart of the University's science campus. The RJ45 category 6A cabling infrastructure delivers 10 Gigabit Ethernet from the telecoms room to all classrooms, medical research facilities, lab facilities, and administration offices.

As a Siemon Certified Installer, we implemented the 3100 category 6A Z-MAX shielded outlets, 300 inter-cabinet links, 1500 category 6A Z-MAX shielded patch cords and 180 kilometres of 500MHz category 6A F/UTP cable.

Siemon Z-MAX

Reflecting on the choice of Siemon's Z-MAX for this significant undertaking, Ian McDonald, Technical and Infrastructure Services Manager at The University, explained, "A timely completion of the new Medical School was of paramount importance to us to ensure that the school could admit its first students. To achieve this, we specified tight project timescales for all contracting parties involved. When it comes to the cabling, Z-MAX has demonstrated significantly reduced installation times which helped with fast completion cost savings."

Cameron Murray, our Contracts Director explains: "The University of St Andrews was looking for a high performance, future-proof solution with the ability to support 10 GB/s Ethernet, which Siemon are renowned for. We were competing head-to-head with other high quality 10 GB solutions, but the speed of installation that Siemon's Z-MAX provides gave us the competitive edge and secured us this prestigious project."

According to Siemon, Z-MAX offers a fast, easy and very reliable termination process, supporting termination times of just under 60 seconds per outlet.

"When it comes to cable preparation time and ease of installation, Siemon's category 6A Z-MAX solution is miles ahead of any other category 6A solution available on the market. The trouble-free installation process guarantees substantial timesavings that translate into labour cost savings. In return, this benefits any end user. Z-MAX certainly dispels any long established concerns about shielded solutions being difficult to terminate and install" Cameron concludes.

The Byre Theatre

The latest ongoing project for The University is The Byre Theatre of St Andrews. The University is leasing the Theatre from Fife Council for the next 25 years, so there is an upgrade required, and we've been chosen! There are two lead engineers on the job, Gary Kell and Kevin Sturrock, who are tasked with the Theatre's upgrade.

As part of their lease, The University has requested that we install some 250 category 6A cables for the Theatre's network of 

wireless access, projectors, CCTV, desktop PCs and telephones. Category 5E cables are currently in place, but aren't up to the task of running the network.

The Community of St Andrews

The University plans for the project to benefit the community of Fife with plays, pantomimes, drama, opera and film productions taking place once its restoration is complete. The shows in the Theatre will provide a year-round programme and will encourage a vast range of productions, from local community projects to touring groups. The opportunities are endless for The Byre Theatre; once it is restored to its full working glory, it will provide a starting venue for small companies to perform in. Along with its educational value as part of the University, The Theatre will provide local organisations with a venue for their activities, and will once again become an employer, particularly attracting students participating in apprenticeships or internships.

Fife Council, The University of St Andrews, and Creative Scotland, who are also involved in the restoration project, have acknowledged that it will take several years for The Theatre to operate as it once did. But in playing our part, we are working full throttle to accommodate the theatre's timetable; a task that means our engineers are working evenings and weekends.

The University is clearly showing its commitment to the arts in St Andrews, and to the value of the community. We are therefore proud to have been selected to help such a special project.

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