Data Centres - An Introduction

We have joined forces with Belgian company, Automation, to bring modular data centres, suitable for use in the offshore oil and gas industry, to Scotland.

Automation's own online demonstration introduces their data centre offering and displays their high levels of expertise in the task of deploying and maintaining them. Between Automation and ourselves, we're able to give you superior quality and reliable, SAFE data centres.

Also known as containerised data centres (since they are housed in shipping containers), they provide secure and reliable network connections wherever needed. The containers are fitted out with server cabinets, generator back-up, cooling racks, and a management system that caters for all IT needs. Their robust packaging means they can be loaded onto transport planes, cargo ships and trucks, or slung under helicopters to be despatched to the desired location, while the plug-and-play technology ensures they can be operational in a day.

As businesses and their consumers become increasingly reliant on technology and internet connections, modular data centre technology is being widely applied in the commercial sector. Potential uses for the 'IT in a box' solution include in the oil and gas industry for offshore and land drilling projects; at large scale events such as major sporting events and music festivals; or during office relocations and major construction projects. The systems come in a range of sizes, from small single cabin units to larger modular units, and can operate in extreme temperatures from -20°C to +45°C.

The armed forces have been using the technology for a number of years. With the potential for troops to be deployed at short notice, and to remote locations, the military needs a communication network that can be working within hours. This type of deployment is an easy task for the data centre.

Our Managing Director, Graeme Duncan, said: “Secure and reliable network connections have become a mainstay of business. However, there are times when a business needs the flexibility to relocate its server room or increase its server capacity quickly and efficiently. The solution is plug-and-play mobile data centres. We are extremely proud to be working with Automation to bring modular data centre technology to Scotland, and to be extending our product portfolio. Since our unveiling event, there has been a lot of interest from a wide range of prospective clients.

“This technology has been widely used in the military but is now being applied to many business sectors. Its adaptability is its key strength, meaning it can be used in large and small projects in finance, construction, telecoms, science, and much more. In the oil and gas industry, the advent of the digital oilfield means that more data is being generated and with it comes increased pressure on IT network capacity. The efficiency of modular data centres means they can be a suitable solution.”

Jo Aelbrecht, CEO of manufacturer Automation and pictured on the left, said: “The strength of the design is the result of our in-depth know-how and our years of engineering experience. We have used this to develop our range of modular data centres that can be tailored to meet the needs of customers. They can be deployed quickly, are secure, operate efficiently and have minimal impact on their surroundings."

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