National 5 Business Management Exam Paper

Graeme was approached and asked if he'd be happy for us to feature in the 2013 National 5 Business Management Exam Specimen Paper. Of course, he was delighted and so are we all at Xtreme! We're particularly glad that the SQA recognised our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

The National 5 Exam

There are a series of questions following the short extract about us, where pupils get to put their business knowledge into practice in preparation for their exam.

Through sitting this exam or studying with this paper, Xtreme hopes that pupils interested in IT, electrical engineering and/or business management will be encouraged to read more on what we do.

Can we help?

We are always happy to help, so if anyone is interested in joining the telcoms industry... get in touch with us!

We do take on apprentices too. Or pass the message on if you know anyone who's looking for some guidance/an opportunity.

A small faux-pas

Oops! The SQA did, unfortunately, make a tiny error in the paper - our website address isn't quite right. If you're reading this, you'll know what it's meant to be! If you know of anyone who's trying to get in touch with us, can you please point them in the right direction :-)

You can view and download the paper below.