Someone Call Security?

Since joining us at the end of 2015, Daryn Peters has been kept very busy.

He has got a few projects ongoing, which is a result of his willingness to grab opportunities with both hands. Along with this, he’s got Caitlin in the office printing like a woman possessed, so that he can continue to tender for as much works as possible. No messing about involved where Daryn is involved!

Daryn currently has works at the new Boroughmuir High School in Edinburgh. This work covers the full security package, consisting of fire alarms, a Vesda smoke detection system; a pager system; and intruder alarms. The fire alarm package involves over 1400 devices and 12000 meters of cabling, with 3 fire panels networked together. The Vesda aspirating smoke detection system has been installed and integrated with the fire alarms; and the Scope pager system has been integrated with fire alarms for disabled persons. The Intruder Alarm involves 200+ zones with passive infrared detection and redcare monitoring. There is also a PC-based access control system with graphical interface, a comprehensive 32-channel IP CCTV system both internally and externally, inclusive of intrusion detection. Finally, there is a full disabled refuge system to all stairwells as well as an alarm system in the disabled toilets linking back to control panels at the reception. Just a small job, this one!

We also are currently involved with installation works at the new Southdale Primary School in Armadale. This consists of a fire alarm and intruder system with class bells included.

We have also recently been making a couple of trips to complete the new Harraby Sports Centre in Carlisle, where we have installed the fire alarms, security system, disabled toilet alarms, CCTV system, and we have carried out fibre and data works.

So, if you call to speak to Daryn, please don’t be offended if he can’t take your call at the time, he is just busy! However, feel free to give us a shout on +44 (0) 1383 823 121 to speak to him about his many talents. Hopefully we can help you with your security needs.