IT Solutions

Exacting Attention to Detail

Are you a start-up business looking for its first server or a growing business in need of additional IT resources to develop and build your company?

Whatever your IT requirement, Xtreme can help you make the right decisions and implement an effective IT strategy to maximise your return on investment.

From Single Servers to Global Corporate Solutions

At Xtreme Business Solutions we have been immersed in the world of IT for a number of years. We are therefore very experienced in the design and configuration of IT systems. From a single server linked to just one or two PCs to a global corporate IT solution, we ensure our clients have the correct IT systems in place to function efficiently on a daily basis. Xtreme can migrate, upgrade and expand your entire network infrastructure from the cabling to the hardware and operating systems. We’ll analyse your requirements, scoping out the best solutions to fulfil your organisation’s needs. Once implemented, we’ll help your business realise the full potential of its infrastructure and ensure that you optimise its performance and capabilities.

System migrations and changes to existing IT environments require experience and a proven track record. The team at Xtreme will listen, evaluate and deliver your business the best possible solution. Our network implementations primarily use Cisco equipment and we have comprehensive experience with network implementations of routers, switches, firewalls and other hardware.

Are you about to move or seeking to expand into new premises? At Xtreme we are well versed in company relocations and can work with you to manage all of your requirements. We can help make your move hassle-free by ensuring that you can operate 'business as usual' with minimal disruption.