Modular Data Centres

The Myth Turned Into Reality
The data centre landscape is witnessing an unprecedented growth and the domain of Modular Containerised Data Centre Solutions is confronted with an increased interest across the globe. This is due to the technology trends which are leading to a new economic model: cost-efficient solutions, efficiency of scale (cloud computing - collocation), standardisation and energy consciousness.

The need for Modular Containerised Data Centre Solutions evolved with the need for additional data centre capabilities and the need for faster deployment. The main challenge is to develop capabilities in the modular containerised data centres considering the limitation of space and the extent of product portfolio.

Industry experts state that Power and Cooling modules, also referred to as Facility Modules, are part of a general trend towards a complete shift away from the traditional way of deploying data centre capacity.

Data centre designers start to shift their conceptual thinking from a customised "construction" approach to a standardised "site integration". Furthermore, Facility Modules are at least 60% faster and 20-30% cheaper to deploy than traditional data centre power and cooling infrastructures.

The Containerised Modular Data Centre
With our partner we provide a Containerised Data Centre fully integrated modular solution that provides best-in-class technology to provide a secure autonomous, flexible and efficient business support whenever and wherever there is a business need.

In as little as six weeks, this powerful data centre offers performance configurations optimised for power and density allowing you to adapt the capacity of your physical infrastructure quickly.

SAFE (Secure, Autonomous, Flexible, Efficient) helps you to build your data centre at the speed your business demands it, and in a granular way. Different "off the shelf" modular designs also help you spread the investment in line with your growth.