Intelligent communications solutions: connecting customers to the right people effectively and efficiently, wherever they are.

Business leaders know they must evolve into genuine customer-focused enterprises to win customer loyalty and increase profits. However, it is often difficult to achieve this in a cost-effective manner whilst maintaining a competitive edge. Xtreme works with clients to achieve such solutions, which achieve the dual aim of improving customer service and maximising resources across selected locations and divisions.

Customers are no longer tied to single-line home telephones. Rather, they have alternative ways of communicating such as instant messaging, emailing, or the internet. At the same time, they demand greater responsiveness and expertise when they call the customer service centre. As interactions become more multimodal and collaborative, businesses must leverage all of their resources to offer a highly satisfactory experience for their customers.

Consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations across all points of contact requires a thoughtful intelligent communications platform. Such a platform must connect contact centre communications applications with other business applications, thus allowing customer care decisions to be driven by information such as the customer's preferences and transaction history.

The rapidly converging technologies of traditional IT and telecommunications have led Xtreme to become experts in both disciplines. Our telecom offering is based around industry leading technologies from world class manufacturers such as Cisco, Avaya and Mitel.

Extending Communications
The humble telephone has become a powerful tool for business and a vital part of our everyday lives. We have all come to depend on speed dialling, in-built phone directories, on-hook dialling, voicemail, conference calls, and other associated functions. The interaction between phone and PC is also now taken for granted, with phone manager software products allowing a phone system to integrate with other well known technologies such as CRM, Outlook and call centre applications.

Technologies such as SIP trunking and mobile twinning are increasingly commonplace and offer the benefits of greater freedom and flexibility by allowing users to have a single number and voicemail box for all their telecom devices. Systems such as VoIP and Skype offer customers potentially huge cost savings, particularly when coupled with the most cost-effective call plans from a single billing platform, as offered by Xtreme Business Solutions.