Wireless Solutions

High Speed Wireless Laser Systems for Voice and Data

Despite our roots in copper and fibre cabling infrastructure, Xtreme recognises that there are occasions when it is simply not practical to lay cables at a client’s site, perhaps because of physical barriers or for operational reasons.

Xtreme therefore offers a range of wireless solutions, which offer high-speed, reliable connections across a company’s site. For inter-building or inter-site communication Xtreme offers high speed, reliable and robust gigabit laser systems for the transmission of both voice and data – extending your network capabilities beyond the four walls of the office.

Wireless laser systems are ideal for organisations with standalone premises within sight of each other. Designed and manufactured for eye-safe operation, in compliance with EN, IEC and US standards; the technology is licence-free, cost-effective and has no interference issues. It provides high bandwidth, secure data transmission, excellent performance and flexibility. Another key advantage of the technology is that it can be easily removed and used elsewhere if a company relocates.

Discover exciting possibilities

The wireless laser solution that Xtreme prefers is manufactured by an international developer and producer of laser-based, free-space optical (FSO) communications equipment. The company provides a variety of solutions for broadband point-to-point connectivity, enabling wireless networking over and above the user's current infrastructure.

Xtreme Business Solutions was the first company in Scotland to be accredited to install advanced laser technology.

Wireless WAN/LAN Options

Wireless WAN and LAN solutions are increasingly common and again Xtreme has worked with this technology since it first emerged. We can install wireless internet services within office buildings for visiting members of staff with laptops, or in hotels that wish to extend their internet services to guests.

The popularity of wireless LANs is testament primarily to their convenience, cost, efficiency and ease of integration with other networks and network components. The benefits of wireless LANs include high mobility, productivity, ease of deployment, and simple expandability.